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Teleport your taste buds to the 8th wonder of the world in the heart of Las Vegas where Mexican and Italian cuisine touch.

About Us


Whenever there’s food there is a party. Whenever there is food everyone is happy. Whenever there are Camaradas anything can happen.

Our mission at Camaradas is to break the laws of time travel by bringing Mexican and Italian cuisine to one place— your local neighborhood—with a dash of fun.

It’s a chance to pull your friends away from their busy routine. It’s a chance to not cook dinner after work and spend more time with family. It’s a chance to bond and break the ice with coworkers. It’s a chance to take out your date and see if sparks fly. It’s a chance to take a study break and feed your brain the nutrients it needs to make the honor roll. It’s a chance to fuel up before you hit the gym and turn into a savage. It’s a chance to share a meal with friends and laugh about the night before.

It’s your chance to bring joy and adventure into your life by eating at Camaradas and getting your daily win.

Come and try us. Teleport your taste buds to the to the heart of Las Vegas where Mexican and Italian cuisine touch.

We specialize in tacos, pastas, burritos, sandwiches, salads and most importantly the fulfilling of your heart's desire with our decadent pastas, flavorful salsas, scrumptious tacos, and well-seasoned meats. Our distinctive recipes have been garnered over decades from different regions in Mexico and Italy, bringing together the best of both cuisines and leaving you with an awe-inspiring, pleasure-inducing experience.